Who’s The Smallest Man In The UK?

A Question we have always wondered who is the smallest person in the UK & how small are they?

The UK has a thing for small people maybe it was ever since wolf of wall street came out and we want to get involved in throwing a small person at a target may be or just for the stag do events, either way, we love it.


Lads as they like to be called always have that one friend who is the joker, the nutter, the piss head and of course the smallest, this friend is forever tagged on Facebook into the small person posts, joked at about not being able to reach stuff plus feet not being able to reach the floor.


Meet the smallest person in the UK

Richard Doyle yes the smallest friend we have in our eyes is the smallest person in the UK, he wins all our votes & awards for him so congratulations Richard you are officially the smallest person in the UK at 4ft. In previous times you would go into the British world record or even google it, but not now we are making our friend the number one. So join us and when someone asks you ” I wonder who is the smallest in the UK” reply Richard Doyle at 4t he is just a little person.